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Healing our DNA through time with Laura Aversano 

"Laura’s intuitive abilities - mind , body , soul and the collective are magical!"
Barbara Slaine

Medical Intuition and Healing Our Ancestral Lineage

Join Author, Medical Intuitive, and Ancestral Empath Laura Aversano as she delves deeply into patterns and imprints that impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Laura has been a Spiritwalker since childhood and is able to ascertain origins of illness which begin for many of us with our ancestral lineage. Having communicated with the spirit world since an early age, Laura employs her empathic abilities along with her journeying beyond the veil to see what contributes to people’s ailments. In this workshop, she’ll give examples of how she tracks conditions of all kinds whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual in nature, both individual and collective. As Laura expands the energies present while the spiritual process unfolds, class members participate by experiencing them and offering and receiving feedback and support. This becomes part of an individual and collective ancestral healing which we explore in group consciousness. It also provides a unique opportunity to more fully experience the process of multi-dimensional transformation.

It will be an amazing start to a new year!

Some comments from Laura's classes:

“Laura Aversano is a gifted medical intuitive. Although she has the ability to provide a psychic x-ray of one’s medical problems, her classes are devoted to helping her students move beyond what they can determine from their perceptible 5 senses to a greater connection to their spiritual and ancestral identity and greater attunement to their bodies. No two classes are ever alike since Laura is able to sense the needs of her students and improvise from the planned syllabus so her students can have a more profound learning experience.“ S. F.

“Laura Silvana Aversano is a compassionate, humble, amazingly gifted and amazingly open human being, who is very serious about her work, and about sharing it with others. I have been fortunate to attend three of her classes (so far) on what she calls “Medical Intuition”, but Laura’s abilities and teachings go way beyond that… No two of her classes are ever alike, because she tailors the class to the energy in the room and the needs of her students… Laura is amazingly down-to-earth, and very nurturing. You feel very protected in her classes, and know that if you get caught up in some strong emotion, she will be there to help you process it. And in addition, she has a great sense of humor, and her classes are really fun to take. I’m looking forward to learning more from this wise, sensitive Spirit-Walker in the future!” J.F. – Energy Medicine Practitioner/Coach NYC

You can read more about Laura, her books and her work at

Place: The Liphe Balance Center
Weston, CT

Date and Time:
Saturday January 4th, 2020
1 pm - 4 pm

Fee: $80

Class fee is payable at event. Cash preferred but checks are also accepted. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE EVENT THROUGH THE LIPHE BALANCE CENTER. In the event of inclement weather, class will be postponed. If you have any questions about the class itself, you can email Laura at Any questions regarding the Center, please connect with them via the website I provided above.

Veterans may attend this class on a donation basis. All veterans please email Laura directly if you would like to attend to let her know.

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