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Donnie Yance Natura Products

Clinical herbalist, scientific researcher, jazz musician, theologian—Donald “Donnie” R. Yance can perhaps best be described as a modern Renaissance man.


His wide-ranging interests come together in a unique approach to healing: Donnie merges the time-honored traditions of nature-based medicine with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, infused by his spiritual practices and his creativity.

With a passion for healing, Donnie has dedicated his life to helping people thrive, even in the face of significant illness, and he has successfully guided thousands of people in their healing journeys.

Donnie is a leader in health and healing and has applied his unique knowledge to create these synergistic blends of nutrients that are easily absorbed by your body. 


Barbara: “They are life savers for me and I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Please call for any suggestions on your current needs.

Botanical Treasures  Inflammation is the root cause of dis-ease, take it away with Botanical Treasures

Nutri-One   Start your day with energy and nutrients to feed your body. Email for the perfect smoothie recipie

Vitamin D-A-K  We are all deficient, this unique combination helps you metabolize the D you need.

Botanabol  for energy and endurance daily

Amino Max  the complete profile for all you body’s needs

Cell Guardian  we live in a world full of pollutants. This unique combination of essential elements for detox and restoration is essential.

Tranquility  take as needed and let your nervous system relax.

Zinc  we are all deficient in this much needed mineral that assists hundreds of mechanisms in your body to work efficiently.

Combo of Flew Away, Throat and Gland, S-Clear and Lung and Bronchial keeps your immune system strong and injections away.

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