Barbara Slaine



Barbara Slaine has been passionate about health and medicine since attending The Eastern School for Physician’s Assistants in her early twenties. Since that time she has been a life-long student of spirit-mind-body therapies and has obtained certifications in an array of holistic healing modalities, is a Holistic Nutritionist,Master Reiki Practitioner,End-of-Life Doula,and a synergistic energy therapist.. She is the founder of the Liphe Balance Center in Weston, CT, a community haven for assisting people on their journey to wellbeing.

The center hosts reputable teachers, authors, and practitioners from around the world who share their knowledge and provide resources and insights into health. Ms. Slaine is also the founder of, a public service information website offering a myriad of complimentary information on everything from stress management to music therapy, inspirational books. Barbara is passionate about holistic and alternative options for people diagnosed with cancer and other ailments.  

She is dedicated to helping people navigate life’s transitions and beyond by guiding them towards the most conscientious, safe, and effective options available.