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Private Sessions Nutritional Analysis and Body Profiling with Susan Nichols

Private Sessions
Nutritional Analysis and Body Profiling

September 20th - September 23rd

Daily appointments available

9am - 7pm


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Life Changing! Analysis of your body in real time with nutritional, simple
solutions to shift back to balance and wellness.
 ~ Barbara

Susan Nichols is offering an additional one hour consult, immediately following your current blood profile, to give you understanding of your overall physical and biochemical predisposition. The body types are broken down into 4 categories, each containing ten profiles, for a total of forty types. This hour is spent identifying your body type and what occurs when certain nutrients are in excess or are deficient in relation to your profile.

This sharing of information can help uncover keys to knowing yourself and managing mental and physical stresses that will be encountered throughout your life. This is a complex and thought provoking study of physical and biochemical typing that Susan has learned throughout years of study and experience, individualized for you. A short written summary is provided.

Analysis is mandatory for this appointment.


About Susan Nichols:
Susan Nichols is a Master Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant who has been educating professionally since 1990. Her expertise is in biochemical pathways as
influenced by nutrition.

Ms. Nichols' interest in holistic health pursuits began long ago under the influence of such greats as Bernard Jensen, PhD, Ann Wigmore, raw food advocate, and Dr. John R Christopher, M.D., M.H. Susan then spent decades learning where this information dovetailed or did not, with more current scientific understanding.

Susan eventually initiated and supported a bill which became law in New Mexico, NMCAAMP, which allowed complimentary and alternative health practitioners, a simple right to practice. Additionally, she advocated for commonality in language between various modalities of functional medicine, to facilitate
communication regarding protocols.

Susan currently resides in New Mexico with her husband, where they farm organically, support sustainable agriculture, and produce the skincare line, maxandjane.
Please call or email Barbara to reserve your space:
203.912.2791 or

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