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Participation, Preparation, Presence...and Peace (Part Three)

Please refer to Participation, Preparation, Presence & Peace Parts 1 and 2 on November 16, 2019.

Part Three: Peace

Barbara Slaine and Sue Broudy

Barbara Slaine and Sue Broudy

PEACE: Offers Reiki Level I Attunement; exercises for holding space.

November 17th 1pm - 5pm

Discount for entire series (all 3): $150.00

Space is limited to 12, sign up now and really start to LIVE.

Sue Broudy and Barbara Slaine are certified end-of-life doulas, hospice trained, Master Reiki practitioners, and educated in many modalities including: Aryuvedic practices, anointment oils, sound healing, and more. We want to share our Top Tips with you. Our offering is a 3-series compilation of our studies, training and services to share the pearls of wisdom to assist your loved ones, and yourself, through this sacred time.

Often, a lack of planning can result in chaos and a loss of valuable resources at this most precious time to unite with your loved ones. The stressors of waiting until the last moment to know what to do or how to proceed can be avoided. Your death has a ripple effect for your entire family and can become a gift if done consciously, and we can help with this beautiful subject. This information is not only timely, it is a subject we all have in common, and know on some level we can help others and ourselves in a significant way.

Please call or email Barbara to reserve your space: