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Arkansas Crystal Man Returns!

October 24th at 3 pm - October 27th at 7 pm

Times are tough - they are sharing a bungee cord come support our crystal gurus !

We do NOT want Lee’s pants to drop!

Coming back up from his mine in Arkansas, let’s welcome back Lee and his magical quartz crystals! Please come and feel the energy, laugh and if the spirit moves you, buy at great dealer prices.


These stones are brought up from a family quarry in Arkansas and are normally sold directly to crystal stores.

These are stones so magnificent that they bring healing and
clearing energy to any space they are in.

We are also debuting the LIPHE BALANCE store, featuring exclusive, hand picked, products to enhance your lifestyle and make you smile.

Benefits of Quartz:

* Increases energy and clears negative energy
* Attracts life force
* Balances mind, body and spirit
* Provides vital spiritual nourishment
* Structure, focus, transmits and transfers energy
* Balances the chakras
* Aids psychic abilities
* Great for healing and light work
* Works on all levels of the body
* Protects the aura and expands the energy field

The quartz crystal is the universal crystal for healing energy.
It provides protection against anyone who doesn't mean you well.

Quartz is a pure and powerful energy source.
It is great for practitioners who do healing and light work.
Makes a great gift for your massage therapist or psychiatrist.
Quartz crystals can be programmed and energized for specific
purposes as well.

Also - Aids cells to rid unwanted negative memories and patterns stored and encourages new regenerative growth and optimum vibration.

To reserve your spot, contact us at: