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Qi Gong with Julie Moffat

Three Dates in May!

May 8th, May 15th and May 22nd

11.00 am to 12.00 pm

Qigong with Julie Moffat
"Julie’s teaching is regenerative, using sound,
imagery and movement, a shift is created." ~Barbara

Qigong will introduce you to powerful practices of Qi movement, breath, visualization, sound and color. A regular Qigong practice helps to “turn on” the medicine within the body and take your health back into your own hands.

You will be introduced to simple movements that help to strengthen and nourish your internal organs; boost the creation of T-fighting cells and release anxiety and fear
in the body.

Are you looking for ways to increase your energy and at the same time reduce stress and anxiety? The ancient practices of Qigong offers simple yet powerful ways to move the body; increase flexibility and balance; quiet the mind and improve sleep.

This event will focus on the following:

Qigong movements that help with internal and external balance including proper stance, one-legged movements and the importance of grounding.

Qigong movements scientifically shown to boost the creation of T-fighting cells. Qigong walking and dynamic movements to increase the flow of lymph and blood.

Qigong movements and breathing techniques to ensure a deep, restful night of sleep.

Qigong movement that help you to slow down your breathing and rebalance the central nervous system.

Qigong guided meditations to align you with your highest self and provide you with a strong sense of empowerment.


Julie Moffat is a teacher of Qigong, sound healing and meditative movement. Her passion is to share the powerful and transformative practices of Qigong with people of all ages and show them how to create new pathways of internal and external health. It brings her great joy to help others learn ways to take their health into their own hands. Nurturing ourselves through Qigong, we surrender to the preciousness of the present and our own presence. She teaches simple but powerful ways for people to improve their health by lessening anxiety, stress, sadness and learning to let go of daily frustrations.

Julie holds certifications from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong and Organ Cleansing Qigong. She has studied with many international teachers including Daisy Lee, Francesco Garri Garripoli, Roger Jahnke, Master Kenneth Cohen, Robert Peng, Dr. Yang Yang, Master Sat Cheun Hon, Solala Towler and teachers from the Chinese Health Qigong Association. Julie also has a MA in Art History, Archives & Museum Studies. Julie lives with her husband Dan, their twin daughters and two crazy Westies in a pink house in Fairfield, CT!

Please call or email Barbara to reserve your space:

No prior experience is required and all ages are welcome.
Tea & discussion offered after class.