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The Ancient Art of Dowsing​

"Hope is an extraordinary teacher and dowser. What a great way to empower yourself. This class is a wonderful way to be and stay connected to your higher self and source."~Barbara


The Ancient Art of Dowsing


What if you could get answers to questions while navigating life's twists and turns? How much easier would it be to give up worrying about decision-making?

There is a way - an ancient technology, found on the oldest cave walls in the world and used for many purposes:

  • to find water or lost items

  • to determine the best day/time for an event

  • to plan a course of action

  • to discover what your plants and animals need

  • to choose which foods or vitamins are best for you

  • to heighten your intuition

  • and so many more...

Join Master Dowser, Hope Fitzgerald, as she teaches a brief history and basic techniques and protocols to begin your dowsing practice. Weather permitting we will go outside to put our dowsing skills to work!

The Art of Dowsing 101
July 12, 5:30 - 8:30pm
Liphe Balance Center
36 Michael's Way
Weston, CT

Workshop requirement: 

Please purchase $9 copper dowsing L-rods at:
Please bring your own pendulum(s) as well. 

Fee: $75 -Advance registration is required - please book by 7/1. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

"I had an amazing session a couple of days ago with Hope Fitzgerald.  I cannot tell you how differently I feel after having spoken with her.  I had never had a dowsing session before and Hope is truly a healer of the highest quality.  She guided me in a most profound way and I feel so very different over the last couple of days.  I began my session with tears of despair and ended with tears of joy and with much more understanding of myself and my current situation.  I would recommend Hope to anyone and especially to someone who feels at a crossroad in their own life.  She is a very special human being and someone with whom I will continue to work."  Karen, NYC

About Hope:
She has been an Intuitive Dowser for 23 years and her Spiritual Coaching with this tool has helped transform people’s lives. Hope has led many workshops and appeared on dozens of international Telesummit and radio shows, and continues to fulfill her mission to encourage individual and planetary awakening around the globe.  She runs the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution in Great Barrington, MA.

For more information on Hope and the dowsing work she does please visit HERE